We proudly represent the following manufacturers.


Stainless Washroom Accessories, Hand Dryers, Partitions, Lockers, Baby Changing Stations, more!


CleanCore’s™ Aqueous Ozone devices are recognized by the EPA to clean, deodorize, and sanitize.


Commercial Upright Vacuums, Wide Area Vacuum, Backpack, Detail Vacuum


Trigger Sprayers, Bottles, and more!


We deliver smart, technology driven, sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene, that increase productivity,


High/Low Dusting Tools, microfiber, car wash tools and more


Indoor/Outdoor Matting, Logo Mats, Large Area Custom mats


Our range of cleaning machines are designed for professional use, achieving outstanding results in any environment. Now with STORM sprayer attachment for disinfecting/sanitizing applications.


Mops, brooms. brushes, trash containers, microfiber. 85% of line is made in the USA!


Designed to reduce the slips and falls associated with stripping floors. Three different designs to suit each use and budget. Used by in-house cleaners (schools, universities, etc) and bscs nation-wide.


Manufacturer of trash containers, carts, and lifters. Offering a full program to move waste from Point A to Point Z.

US  Mercury and Sandia

Mercury-- US Manufacturer of hard floor cleaning equipment Sandia-- US manufacturer of carpet extractors, backpacks, hipsters, and flood pumpers.


Odor control and aircare, skin care and hand washing, surface care, feminine hygiene sanitary waste disposal, infant care and products specifically designed for the hygienic restroom.

For more information about our manufacturing partners and products-- please contact your SSC Territory Manager! 

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